Libertarian councilor praised Margaret Thatcher during a tribute to a former Malvinas combatant

Councilor María Feldmann of San Isidro highlighted Javier Milei's words of praise for the former British premier on the same day where the 42nd anniversary of the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano Cruise was remembered.

4 de May de 2024 12:43

María Feldmann, councilor of San Isidro, claiming Milei's praise for Margaret Thatcher



The Deliberative Council of San Isidro was the scene of a controversial event when María Feldmann de Maurette, a councilor from La Libertad Avanza , echoed the words of President Javier Milei about the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher , whom in At the time she described “ a stateswoman who took her country forward.” The situation caused even more rejection since a former combatant from the Malvinas War was there, who was summoned for a tribute.

Present at the session was José Mauricio Castillo, a former combatant in the Malvinas War whom the LLA bloc itself proposed to honor with the construction of a monument that will be located in the Plazoleta on Avenida Andrés Rolón and Intendente Tomkinson to “pay homage in life.” ” to the former soldier who lived in the La Cava neighborhood when he was summoned to participate in the war conflict.

It was the libertarian councilor Déborah Ruiz Zeballos who requested a prompt dispatch for the project, which had been presented by a neighborhood resident. “We have the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the many heroes who gave their lives for the country. I invite you to get in touch with him, because there is no one better than the protagonists to tell the story,” said the mayor.

Immediately, Feldmann de Maurette herself joined the tribute and also asked that a documentary about the Malvinas War be declared of municipal interest.

However, the crossings began when the councilor of Unión por la Patria Manuela Schuppisser asked to speak to celebrate the tribute, but she recalled Milei's sayings highlighting the figure of Thatcher. “I want to celebrate and salute the fighter who accompanies us today. What I think is important to emphasize is that where there is a type of tribute to the combatants, they will have the support of this bench. What I cannot let go is that the responsibility for the fall of the ARA Manuel Belgrano is in the hands of Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, who, according to Milei, is his idol. “We cannot help but repudiate the fact that our president has raised the figure of this woman who was the murderer of our kids in the Malvinas,” said the mayor.

Minutes later, Feldmann asked to speak again, in the midst of tributes to the soldiers who died during the sinking of General Belgrano: “We join Milei's statements about Mrs. Margaret Thatcher. Our president has highlighted her as a stateswoman who has taken her country forward. Beyond having experienced a war against England, I want to highlight the words of the President" where he added that " beyond the fact that we have experienced a war against England, I want to highlight the words of the President."

After a moment of pause, faced with this statement (which occurred in the session last Thursday), the president of the Deliberative Council stared at her and asked her if it was a tribute. “I ask, is this a tribute to Thatcher?” he repeated. “Anyone else?” he asked in the face of the tense silence in the room.

Then he gave the floor to the councilor to clarify the situation previously experienced on the premises: “ It is to remember that yesterday, May 1, the sanction of the Argentine Constitution is commemorated with three clear objectives: to build national unity, to strengthen the Justice and consolidate internal peace,” she said without mentioning what happened about the former British prime minister who gave the order to sink the ARA General Belgrano Cruise during the conflict, on May 2, 1982.

Milei's words towards Thatcher

The President of the Nation praised the former British Prime Minister more than once, whom he praised as “one of the great leaders of humanity.” This became relevant during the Foreign Relations block of the last presidential debate before the runoff with Sergio Massa, who spoke on the Malvinas issue. “In the history of humanity, there have been great leaders. "Thatcher played a significant role in the fall of the Berlin Wall," said the then-candidate.

Furthermore, in June 2022, the then national deputy of Libertad Avanza toured Colombia where he gave an interview to a magazine in that country in which he assured that he felt “very identified, in historical terms, basically with (Winston). Churchill, (Ronald) Reagan and Margaret Thatcher” , which generated a stir on social networks.

A month ago, the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof , harshly questioned the President for having Margaret Thatcher , the former British prime minister who led the Malvina Islands war on the English side, as an “idol.”

“Because of some things that one hears these days, we are obviously waiting for whoever is today president of the Nation to tell the people that they cannot honor and have as an idol Margaret Thatcher, who treacherously ordered the killing of Argentine soldiers.” said Kicillof , shortly after Milei led the central event at the Cenotaph to the Fallen in Plaza San Martín, in Retiro.




By Agenda Malvinas


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