David Cameron was appointed as the new chancellor of the United Kingdom

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, dismissed this Monday the Minister of the Interior of that country Suella Braverman and appointed David Cameron as chancellor.

15 de November de 2023 09:10

After stepping away from power after losing the Brexit referendum, David Cámeron returns to prominence.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron once again occupies a leading government role, having been summoned to occupy the position of Foreign Minister , after having left the political scene in 2016, after losing the Brexit referendum.

On January 21, 2016, David Cameron met in Davos with former president Mauricio Macri , opening the bilateral relationship between the United Kingdom and Argentina, where it was first proposed to open a new chapter on the Malvinas, which later - in September of the same year - led to the Foradori-Duncan Agreement , when Cameron had already resigned from office and replaced by Theresa May.

Sunak 's cabinet reshuffle stemmed from Braverman 's sacking from the Home Office, after several days of intense speculation about his future.

James Cleverly , who previously held the post of Foreign Secretary, was appointed to replace Braverman , known for her strong and often controversial stance within the right wing of the Conservative Party which led to a series of tensions with 10 Downing Street.

His last action concerned an unauthorized article criticizing the Government's response to the pro-Palestinian protests, which was seen as a direct challenge to Sunak 's authority.

In her first statements after her dismissal, Braverman said that serving as Minister of the Interior had been “the greatest privilege” of her career and anticipated that she would have more to say “in due time.”

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