They denounce the Superior Court of Río Negro for the ruling in favor of Lewis that prevents access to Lago Escondido

They ask that the STJ be raided and the judges' cell phones seized.

5 de November de 2023 13:38

They ask for the testimony of the five judges who make up the body: Drs.

The elected legislator of Unión por la Patria, Magdalena Odarda , denounced the members of the highest court of her province, in the interpretation that there could have been simulation, alteration or falsification of a public document, in the drawing of the judges who handed down the sentence last August ; ruling out the TACUIFI road as access to Lago Escondido , and thus favoring the position of the English tycoon Joe Lewis , of not allowing access to the mountain range water mirror, through that public road.

The information published this afternoon by the ADN news agency does not indicate whether the complaint made by Odarda was made to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Río Negro or in what area.

By Agenda Malvinas


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