Senator Blanco asks Mondino and Petri to explain what Milei agreed to with General Laura Richardson

“In the game of strategy, access to Antarctica is a nation's asset that is being squandered. The contradiction could not be more rude,” said the Fuegian senator.

17 de April de 2024 19:43

“The blind alignment with the US that is raised in the gestures and statements implies complete political subordination,” criticized Blanco.

In a very critical text with high-impact qualifiers, the national senator for Tierra del Fuego, Pablo Blanco, requested that Foreign Minister Diana Mondino and the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri , attend the congress to explain the agreements with the United States. announced during the meeting of President Javier Milei with the head of the North American Southern Command, General Laura Richardson ; in Ushuaia.

In addition, the Fuegian questioned the foreign policy of the Argentine president and described his actions as “humiliating, irascible, unbalanced, scatterbrained,” among other similar terms.

Firstly, Blanco requested that the reasons for the meeting between Milei and Richardson in Ushuaia on April 4 be explained to Congress, taking into account that “the diplomatic norms of equivalence (of positions) in bilateral meetings” were violated. . In turn, he demands to know why the President of the Nation did not attend the event in the Malvinas on April 2, two days before, and "he did so on the occasion of the visit of the aforementioned US military officer the following day."

Finally, it requires knowing the policy of the national Executive Branch in relation to the Malvinas cause and the policy of the national Executive Branch in relation to the US and China.

Blanco explained in his presentation before Congress that it is necessary to establish "what is the logic that follows with foreign relations, which are a heritage of the nation and not a plaything of the whims of an unbalanced and unpredictable personality."

The foreign policy actions carried out by the President of the Nation, in addition to ridiculing and sadly humiliating the Argentine people before the entire world, generate unnecessary risks and give up positions of power in exchange for nothing - the radical senator shot - . It is imperative that the national Executive Branch provide explanations to Congress to try to elucidate whether it is a question of superficiality, incompetence or stupidity in the management of international relations, which is very reprehensible, or whether it is negotiated with personal or sectoral benefits hidden from the people. of the nation.”

“The blind alignment with the United States that is proposed in the gestures and statements implies complete political subordination and submission to the designs of that power, paying unnecessary prices,” said Blanco , adding that “the blind alignment or complete submission is alarming.” that the president proposes with the United States accompanied by rude gestures towards countries and their authorities.”

“The superficiality of the content is only compared to irrationality, irascibility and personality imbalances,” said the parliamentarian.


About Antarctica

In relation to Milei's announcement of the construction of an integrated naval base with US participation, Blanco stated that a project of this nature only means harm to Argentine sovereignty.

“In the game of strategy, access to Antarctica is a nation's asset that is being squandered. The contradiction could not be ruder : instead of carrying it forward as a national infrastructure project to take advantage of that advantage and multiply it for the future when it is operational. It was not necessary to condition the financing to a military agreement -said the senator-. It could have been included in conventional financing channels within a public works plan with the priority it deserves, but not outside national investment plans. The conditioning couldn’t have been more gratuitous.”   

“Maximizing investment income and the terms of trade is not achieved by seriously offensive insults to other presidents. Nor with the blind alignment with the US which, like all those who follow “realpolitik”, only seeks to resolve its interests and does not have the slightest share of solidarity with anyone, except with the United Kingdom,” considered the Fuegian radical.


Richardson's visit

Regarding Milei's meeting with the head of the US Southern Command, Blanco highlighted that “the principle of equivalence and reciprocity with which nations must be linked through their authorities” was violated, because Richardson “is a second-level public official who, in his nation's bureaucratic scale, reports to the Secretary of Defense. That is, it is two levels below the presidential level.”

Likewise, he harshly questioned Milei's surprise transfer to the capital of Tierra del Fuego: “ The president's unforeseen trip is irrational because he had the opportunity to receive her in his office before the trip, as would have been barely acceptable, as well as his planned return to Buenos Aires. The natural equivalent authority of the general should have been the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, as the highest military authority within the framework of bilateral military diplomacy. Not even the Minister of Defense is equivalent.

Trip not only unforeseen but as unnecessary as it is absurd. For that trip, he had to travel 3000 km in a slow aircraft, taking more than 12 hours that were subtracted from the presidential agenda, which was totally subordinated to a North American general.


The offense of absence

Finally, the text presented by Blanco in Congress highlights the claim for the absence of national officials in the commemoration of April 2 for the fallen and veterans of the Malvinas war.

“The humiliation was not only for the entire people of the Argentine Nation. The province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands was also humiliated - said the national legislator -. The president missed the central event of the April 2 celebration, which in itself implies a deep message of contempt for the people of the province but above all for the fallen. Not remembering them in the closest place and most deeply linked to the place that keeps the remains of those who gave their lives for the Homeland is a sad position for a President of the Nation and a breach of the constitutional mandate that cannot be waived by the sovereignty of the territories in quarrel".

"Not only did the president miss the events of April 2, but he managed to ingratiate himself with General Richardson the next day without having the delicacy to inform the provincial authorities of his trip," Blanco insisted, adding that "the lack of "The president's respect is not for the governor but for the people of the province."

By Agenda Malvinas


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