Due to lack of evidence, Tierra del Fuego does not provide the DNI to a Romanian child supposedly born in the Malvinas

"The interested parties have not presented the documentation that proves their actual birth on our islands."

10 de May de 2023 11:56

“Every person born in the Malvinas Islands is Argentine and therefore has the full right to request the regulation of their documentation," said Secretary Andrés Dachary.

An interview conducted this Monday by the Ushuaia journalist and Telam correspondent Gabriel Ramonet , with the lawyer Carolina Salgado ; opened a controversy over what is seen as the refusal of the government of Tierra del Fuego to grant a DNI to a child supposedly born in Puerto Argentino, the main city of the Malvinas Islands.

According to the lawyer, her firm was contacted by a person of Romanian nationality who was temporarily working in the Malvinas. Where (it is deduced that his wife or partner) gave birth to a child, then returned to Romania and is now living in Germany; This country from where you were contacted to request legal advice for the registration procedure of the minor as an Argentine and Fuegian citizen.

The lawyer's interpretation regarding the procedure and her client's request was as follows: “What the (civil) Registry issues first is the disposition and the birth certificate. And with that certificate, the procedure is carried out to the DNI. The issue is that we present all the documentation", which by their own words was only "the birth certificate issued by the Romanian authorities, because for Romania nationality is acquired through those of their parents, what is called the ius sanguinis” (or blood right). And with that single certificate, the father wants his son's DNI “ by birth in Argentine territory.”

The detailed explanation was given by Carolina Salgado herself: “They sent me the child's birth certificate, which states that he was born in the Malvinas Islands. The truth is that this certificate is a public instrument, like any birth certificate it fully certifies what what it says" - It is the Romanian State certifying where this boy was born, the journalist reasons -, "exactly", the lawyer confirms. And she adds: "That is translated by the Argentine College of Translators and is legalized by the Convention of As a country we are affiliated.And that gives it full legality.”

In her narrative, the professional said that when they began the process of registering the minor, in the Civil Registry of Ushuaia they asked her to accompany "with the birth certificate of the British authorities" , to which she opposed "because for Argentina (the government British colonial in the Malvinas) is an illegitimate government and therefore everything it issues will be null, absolutely null." Sufficient explanation with which the lawyer maintains or wants to assert, that this only certificate issued by the Romanian authorities " gives full faith to what appears in its records” , so that the provincial State grants citizenship through an Argentine DNI.  

“Given this insistence, following the entire procedure, the General Registry Directorate issues the disposition and the birth certificate, and they contact me so that they can notify me. When I go to notify me, they tell me that they cannot give me the Certificate. of Birth, nor can they notify me, due to an order from the current officials of the Minister of Justice. I try to speak with the official, the Secretary of Justice, then with the Minister (of Government, Justice and Human Rights) with the doctor ( Adriana) Chapperón. But the issue is that I currently received a notification where there is an order that establishes that they cannot give me the Certificate that has already been issued," said the lawyer.

In the midst of the controversy, the Federation of War Veterans April 2 of the Argentine Republic , with the signature of its president Ramón López and its secretary Juan Carlos Sosa , takes sides in favor of the lawyer's statements and yesterday, Tuesday the 9th , issues a statement attributing to the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella , the refusal to grant the DNI to the Romanian child who was supposedly born in the Malvinas.

“We ask from our Federation, what are the reasons why the Governor denies such right to the Argentine citizen since the Malvinas ARE ARGENTINA and Ours Sovereignty over them.

Mr. Melella, for the tribune, makes a furious defense of the Sovereignty over our Malvinas Islands and at the moment of supporting and validating such defense, it is diluted without any cause”; they accused.

Late yesterday, the Fuegian government, through the secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary , came to the fore of the controversy and explained that "unlike other Argentine DNI procedures for those born in the Islands Malvinas (…) to date the interested parties have not presented, as established by our legal system, sufficient documentation to reliably prove their actual birth on our islands.”Hence; “For this reason, said information was required, especially in the case of a minor.”

And he added: “Every person born in the Malvinas Islands is Argentine and therefore has the full right to require the regulation of their personal documentation related to their identity and our Province is the most interested in this happening as a clear action of national sovereignty. and of provincial jurisdiction.”

Clarifying that; “Under no circumstances has documentation from the alleged and illegitimate British authorities that occupy our Malvinas Islands been requested, which we do not recognize as valid.

By Agenda Malvinas


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