At the request of the US: Nation sends a CONAE delegation to the Chinese space observation base

“The Chinese say there is nothing, what is the problem then?” Javier Milei had declared when announcing an audit after suspicions raised publicly by North American officials.

17 de April de 2024 16:12

Deep Space Stations are used to transmit and receive telemetry signals and to receive scientific data obtained by space missions on the Moon and the Solar System.

After US officials suggested that Chinese soldiers work at the Neuquén Far Space Station without Argentina's knowledge of their activities, Javier Milei's administration will send scientists from the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) to tour the base .

The visit of CONAE experts will take place tomorrow , since the Argentine president had already announced these measures weeks ago, after meeting with the general of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson, and the ambassador of that country, Marc Stanley.

“I am surprised that Argentina allows the Chinese Armed Forces to operate in Neuquén, secretly, doing who knows what,” the North American diplomat had pointed out.

By Agenda Malvinas


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