They denounce that INIDEP is about to fraudulently purchase a third ship

The accusation was made by Naval Engineer Raúl Podetti.

24 de March de 2023 14:49

“We broke the world record for fraudulent boat purchases,” says Eng.

In an opinion column published yesterday on the SERINDUSTRIA website, with the title PESADO PODRIDO , Naval engineer Raúl Podetti reports that the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB ; will provide Argentina with a new credit of 125 million dollars, for the purpose of the National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development, INIDEP ; buy a third research vessel, after having acquired through tenders launched in 2015 and 2017; two ships through tenders that he describes as “gross frauds (…) so that they were won by the same Spanish shipyard to which they were aimed.”

And although he does not name them, it is clear that he is referring to the Armon Vigo SA Shipyard, which effectively built the “Mar Argentino” and “Angelescu” ships for INIDEP , also with funds in dollars from the IDB.

The full text of Raul Podetti's opinion column:

  Rotten fish

“We broke the world record for fraudulent boat purchases.

The recent National Decree 140 of 3/13/23 accepted the IDB credit of 125 million dollars, so that INIDEP (National Institute of Fisheries Research and Development) buys a third (!) research vessel.

In this way we obtain another world cup: we break the world record for fraudulent purchases of boats of the same type, very specialized, very expensive and in a very short time.

We deserve that award because we are the country that supposedly invests the most in fisheries research and at the same time the one that allows the most illegal fishing.

The two previous tenders (2015 and 2017) were gross frauds since they were set up so that they were won by the same Spanish shipyard to which they were aimed. So much so that this Vigo shipyard was the only bidder to present itself from among the hundreds of international shipyards capable of to make them.

The thing is that the design of the ship was entrusted to a Spanish naval engineer (Argentines do not exist for INIDEP) who coincidentally is a neighbor and regular consultant to the winning shipyard (!).

Furthermore, to rule out national offers, INIDEP managed to get that Spanish “expert” to sign a report that disqualified the Argentine industry by falsely arguing that we were “incapable.” As a reward, the supposed expert's consulting firm obtained a multimillion-dollar management contract. of the work of these ships.

Not satisfied with that, INIDEP also designed a bid qualification system to harm national proposals in the treatment of the exchange rate and taxes.

With this third fraudulent purchase, about to be perpetrated, each of the last three administrations would achieve their own loot.This comes from the surcharges on purchases of these boats always made from the same company with total impunity.

On the other hand, the national industry can also build them, but our officials prefer their Galician friend.

The signs of corruption are overwhelming and today, they are shamelessly repeated for the third time.

By Agenda Malvinas


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