Deputies express their rejection of Kasanzew and ask him to apologize for attacking the new monument to the Argentine soldier

After the official Nicolás Kasanzew criticized the 17-meter monument built in Zapala in honor of those who fell in the Malvinas, the Civil Association Soldiers of Malvinas of Neuquén expressed its repudiation and now a block of deputies marks its rejection and demands that he apologize .

10 de June de 2024 19:47

Legislators Alberto Bruno, Cecilia Papa, Guillermo Monzani and Juan Sepúlveda signed the rejection project presented on June 3.

The repudiation of the association of ex-combatants of the province of Neuquén against Nicolás Kasanzew, director of Gesta de Malvinas in the Senate and former war correspondent of the dictatorship , continues to generate political repercussions.

Deputies from the “ We Make Neuquén ” bloc presented a statement rejecting Kasanzew's criticism regarding the monument to the Argentine soldier , an artistic work that will soon be inaugurated in the town of Zapala.

The Neuquén legislators ask the national official of the ruling party to publicly apologize , taking into account that "in his institutional role he expressed himself against the position assumed by the figure of the former combatant created by the artist."

The project bears the number 16780 and was raised by Mesa de Tickets on June 3 with the signatures of legislators Alberto Bruno, Cecilia Papa, Guillermo Monzani (Vamos Neuquén) and Juan Sepúlveda (MPN).

In their foundations, the deputies who express their rejection and ask for an apology from Kasanzew indicated that "the representative of the Malvinas Action Directorate said: Was it necessary for him to be represented by a soldier without a rifle, with his head bowed, on his knees and in the attitude of handing over the flag, one of whose ends is dragging on the ground? Didn't anyone think it was wrong to portray that image of submission?

The response from the war veterans was immediate , also through the social network , to deceive the Argentine people about what was actually happening in that armed conflict.”

Likewise, they stressed that the current Senate official has "absolute ignorance of fundamental issues that represent the feelings of the combatant soldiers, such as: love for our Land (Pachamama), and for the Homeland (the only one before which we surrender). for the immense pain of having lost the battle and the shed blood of our brothers).


By Agenda Malvinas


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