The Chilean government removed the landing permit for the HMS Forth ship that operates in the Malvinas

The information was known through audio leaks in the Chilean Foreign Ministry.

27 de January de 2023 15:36

Chilean diplomats mentioned the existence of an agreement with Argentina, regarding the Malvinas Question.

In the midst of a little-disseminated scandal in Argentina, generated through audio leaks that has as its protagonist the leadership of the Chilean Foreign Ministry, where among other things they described the Argentine ambassador Rafael Bielsa as “asshole” and “big-nosed,” for his public statements regarding the cancellation of the "Dominga" port and mining project in the Coquimbo Region (bordering the province of San Juan), which would allow Argentina to expedite its exports across the Pacific; the decision came to light of Gabriel Boric 's government to remove the authorization they had given to the HMS Forth - a British patrol ship positioned by the British in the Malvinas - to participate in the ExpoNaval de Valparaíso 2022, which took place between October 29 and October 2. November.

Outraged, the recalcitrant pro-British Chilean press screams of horror upon learning that President Boric 's administration has stated that it had made a “gesture” towards Argentina by withdrawing the authorization given to the British Navy at the beginning of October for the English ship to participate in the naval exhibition, and then withdrawing it “when everything was already planned.”

By Agenda Malvinas


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