The Government of Mendoza lowered the FIFA images that covered the Islands of the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium

Guillermo Carmona, yesterday exposed in the media the attitude of Governor Rodolfo Suarez, of stripping the Malvinas identity of the Stadium by imposition of FIFA and won some points for his electoral campaign.

24 de May de 2023 21:53

Workers at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, removing this Wednesday afternoon the sign that covered the islands usurped by Great Britain.

After the media exposure that the pre-candidate for governor of Mendoza, Guillermo Carmona , gave to Governor Rodolfo Suarez 's compliance with the imposition or extortion of FIFA , which led him to accept that nationally and internationally the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium be called the Ciudad de Mendoza and in turn will cover the image of the Islands on the right side of the electronic screen; The Mendoza government ordered the silhouettes that covered the figures of Malvinas to be lowered.

By Agenda Malvinas


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