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The Ministry of Defense describes Great Britain as “Homeland”

It was at the farewell of the Argentine who, as an RAF pilot, fought in World War II.

10 de February de 2024 22:57

In a farewell salute to RAF pilot Stanley Rowland Coggan, who died yesterday in Buenos Aires.

In one more example of the disaster in the management of the official social media accounts of the National State; The Ministry of Defense of the Argentine Republic published this afternoon on Twitter, a farewell greeting to Stanley Rowland Coggan whom they pointed out as “one of the Argentine pilots who fought against the Nazis in the Second World War”, who died yesterday in Buenos Aires at the age of 100 ; “Veteran pilot of the Royal Air Force.” To make it clear, from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The erroneously striking fact appears when the Ministry provides information about the deceased . From its .

The truth is that as the Ministry itself wrote, the pilot fought for Great Britain and not for Argentina in World War II.Therefore, it is difficult to attribute “services to the country” when these were for a country that is not its own, nor to confuse the Nation that gives it meaning of its defense role.

It is well known that the government of General Juan Domingo Perón only declared war on Germany, days before the German military collapse in April 1945.

By Agenda Malvinas


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