The American aircraft carrier George Washington set sail from Norfolk bound for South America

The Argentine Navy has not yet announced the schedule of joint activities that it will carry out with the nuclear-powered ship, nor the means that it will use in its deployment in South Atlantic waters.

28 de April de 2024 12:52

The USS George Washington (CVN 73) of the US Navy setting sail this Thursday, April 25, from Naval Base Norfolk.

After completing the final preparations and personnel readiness, the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) set sail this Thursday, April 25, from Naval Base Norfolk, to be deployed to the Southern Command area of operations. . Over the coming weeks, as part of the U.S. Fourth Fleet's Southern Seas 2024 , the Nimitz-class ship is expected to participate in exercises and combined activities with South American military and naval forces; This being the case of the navies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay; such as visiting ports in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

According to what emerges from the official release released by the United States Navy, the aircraft carrier set sail from Norfolk, after completing various scheduled readiness and maintenance processes. These include an upgrade program carried out at the Newport News Shipbuilding facilities in May 2023, along with the recharging of nuclear fuel in its reactors. Since then, the ship's crew has been getting ready for what will be a long deployment that will have its final destination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Faced with the latter, it is confirmed that the USS George Washington (CVN 73) will relieve the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) as one of the main forward forces in Japan of the United States Navy , having as its seat during the duration of its presence in the region of the Yokosuka Naval Base.

Throughout its journey to the Far East, the USS George Washington will sail through the waters of the South Atlantic where it will make a series of visits to ports on the continent, including activities and exercises combined with the Navy of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. and Uruguay, included within the Southern Seas 2024 deployment.

During its voyage, the aircraft carrier will be escorted and supported by other ships. In detail, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) and a Henry J. Kaiser-class fleet tanker. More precisely, the USNS John Lenthall (T-AO-189).

In the case of Argentina, the official schedule of activities still remains to be officially disclosed, while the Navy is preparing its main resources to participate in the activities with the aircraft carrier and its escort group when it sails through the waters of the South Atlantic.


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