Massa's possible chancellor does not agree with the sovereignty umbrella to deal with the Malvinas Question

It is not acceptable to negotiate and dialogue with Great Britain, leaving aside the issue of territorial claim.

17 de November de 2023 09:07

Massa is not going to pretend “that the islanders do not exist, but he is not going to overestimate them either,” said the diplomat.

Sergio Massa's main foreign policy advisor announced what the current Minister of Economy's guidelines would be if he were elected president.

Gustavo Martínez Pandiani , Sergio Massa 's main foreign policy advisor, assured that if the current Minister of Economy and Union for the Homeland candidate is elected president, he will promote a type of relationship with the other countries of the world "that will not take into account account ideological preconceptions but rather the best interest for Argentina."

Regarding the Malvinas Islands, he emphasized that He does not agree with the so-called “umbrella of sovereignty” that implies negotiating and dialogue with Great Britain, leaving aside the question of territorial claim. “When we talk about the Malvinas we are going to talk about everything; of sovereignty as well," he stressed. In addition, he added that a possible Massa government is not going to pretend "that the islanders do not exist, but neither is it going to overestimate them."

Martínez Pandiani is a diplomat with a 32-year career, current Argentine ambassador to Switzerland, who has been working with Massa on his presidential project for 10 years.

The ambassador spoke with journalists from different media in Buenos Aires, at a press conference organized by the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) one day after Massa and Javier Milei , presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza , faced each other in a television debate that attracted enormous attention both from our country and abroad.

Martínez Pandiani made many allusions to Milei 's proposals to contrast them with those of Massa and make a counterpoint between them.

He said, for example, that there are two ways to get foreign currency: “You can attract them with value-added exports. You have to export more to more markets and with a lot of added value, not with mere exports of raw materials. That's what diplomacy is for. to having to change and dedicate ourselves less to protocol and more to attracting investments and tourism.”

In his opinion, Argentina has to face joint venture agreements that transform us into partners of those countries with which we trade and sign agreements.

Furthermore, and mentioning without saying it Milei 's statements in the sense that international trade is a private matter, the diplomat pointed out that, although companies are protagonists of trade between countries, the agreements and regulations are made by the states. .

“We are not going to leave SMEs down to negotiate the conditions of a certain business on their own. We do not believe in the story of the invisible hand but neither in the heavy hand of the State. Yes, in a balance to attract foreign currency and grow” .

Milei was also the direct target of Martínez Pandiani 's comments, especially regarding what he considered "the trivialization he made of a figure like Thatcher, responsible for the deaths of 649 Argentines."

“We also do not understand the fierce criticism against Pope Francis. We do not understand where they are going with such fantastic ideas ,” he said.

Regarding the controversy over Argentina's entry into the Brics , he highlighted the group's economic power as an advantage for Argentina. “When you don't sit at the table you can end up being the menu, and we don't want to be anyone's food.” And regarding Iran, he considered that perhaps the entry of both into the association could serve to raise the claims that Argentina has pending. with Tehran.

“That ideological perspective with which the government is sometimes criticized is what La Libertad Avanza does. We want to trade with everyone. Iran is not the Brics and the Brics is not Iran ,” he added.

He also tried to separate the potential Massa government from Kirchnerism: “It is a mistake to consider Massa as a new Kirchnerist president. Massa is going to sustain many of the achievements, but he will add others.It will be continuity and change.

By Agenda Malvinas


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