“The Navy is standing,” said Petri after flying over the North American aircraft carrier.

With the participation of 750 members of the Argentine Navy, surveillance, control and maritime defense maneuvers are carried out in the waters of the Exclusive Economic Zone. The last time the US had been part of a similar operation in our country was in 2010.

31 de May de 2024 14:37

Petri during his visit to the "Gringo-Gaucho II" exercise where seven Argentine vessels and four aircraft participate, totaling 750 national soldiers.

The Minister of Defense of the Nation, Luis Petri, maintained that “The Navy is standing” when presenting a video published on his social network account the US Navy during the PASSEX exercise “Gringo-Gaucho II” the naval forces of Argentina and the US .

" THE ARGENTINE NAVY IS STANDING and exercising with one of the best in the world, with NATO standards," the national official noted in the publication, and thanked "the personnel who embarked and those who worked tirelessly from workshops, arsenals, quartermasters and bases to ensure this achievement."

"This milestone, promoted by President @JMilei , marks our return to combined exercises of this magnitude - the minister mentioned -. We have a strong, trained @ArmadaArg with a promising future linked to the free world.

Petri was accompanied by Foreign Minister Diana Mondino , in the protocol visit prior to the "Gringo-Gaucho II" operation in Puerto Belgrano, taking into account that seven Argentine vessels and four aircraft are participating , totaling 750 national uniformed personnel.

Although this type of joint training operations have already been carried out on seven other occasions since 1990 , the last meeting of this nature was 14 years ago .

The operation included the transfer of authorities and personnel to the aircraft carrier through MH-60S Seahawk helicopters from the United States and UH-3H Sea King helicopters from Argentina; communications systems; tactical formations; flight operations; anti-aircraft and anti-submarine exercises ; transfer of cargo between ships ; and Cross Deck .

Various analysts highlight that these activities are part of a US offensive to stop the advance of relations between Latin American countries and China , which should also consider the purchase of 24 North American-made F-16 fighter planes in possession. of Denmark, among other measures that mark the political and military closeness of President Javier Milei with the world power.

At the time of announcing these military exercises, the official spokesperson of the National Executive, Manuel Adorni , remarked that “it has been 14 years since a nuclear aircraft carrier of the United States Navy has carried out maneuvers with national troops,” and added that “this is part of the great appreciation that President (Javier) Milei and Minister (of Defense Luis) Petri make of the forces and is one of the consequences that international relations bring.”


By Agenda Malvinas


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