The head of the US Southern Command

The governor ruled out Laura Richardson being at the event on the 2nd, but on Thursday the 4th.

29 de March de 2024 18:28

Laura Richardson, head of the US Southern Command, and her undeniable vocation to decide on the destinies of South American countries.

During the past 48 hours, the version in Tierra del Fuego that the four-star American general and head of the US Southern Command, Laura Richardson ; could arrive in Ushuaia this April 2 to be present at the central event of the province, for the 42nd anniversary of the Malvinas War , where it will be commemorated - precisely -; the Day of Veterans and those who fell in the Malvinas War.

But that possibility was relegated this afternoon, when in communication with Agenda Malvinas , the governor of the province, Gustavo Melella ; He ruled out that the North American soldier would be present on Tuesday the 2nd, although he estimated that she could arrive in the Fuegian capital on Thursday the 4th.

Even so, Melella refused to meet with Laura Richardson . In response to this media's question, he bluntly asked if he had received a formal request from the US embassy in Argentina to meet with the head of the Southern Command, the president. He responded: “Yes. But I am not going to receive it.”

In January of last year, the Fuegian governor crossed the head of the Southern Command, after the North American soldier assured that Latin America is important for her country, for "all its rich resources and elements of rare lands", such as "the lithium triangle”, which exists between Argentina, Bolivia, Chile.

On that occasion, Melella warned him that Latin American countries do not need tutelage of policies and natural resources. And he said that Richardson was “bold.”

In a didactic tone, the president told him that “Natural resources belong to each province.

By Agenda Malvinas


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