The five Argentine proposals to the English after ending the “Foradori-Duncan Pact”

1) Resumption of negotiations under the terms of Resolution 2065/XX; 2) air and maritime connectivity between the continent and the islands; 3) guarantee the interests and way of life of the kelpers; 4) use, conservation and preservation of natural resources in the disputed area and 5) demilitarization.

3 de March de 2023 09:57

The counteroffer from the Foreign Ministry to the United Kingdom to reopen the dialogue for the sovereignty of the Islands.

Through Press Information No.: 096/23 , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina announced the five minimum proposals contained in the document that Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero gave to his British counterpart James Cleverly , formalizing the Argentina's decision to terminate the “Foradori-Duncan Pact”.

1.        The resumption of negotiations on the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces, under the terms of Resolution 2065 (XX) of the United Nations General Assembly and other relevant resolutions.

2.        The air and maritime connectivity of the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces with the Argentine continental territory.

3.        Practical measures aimed at guaranteeing the interests and way of life of the inhabitants of the Islands in such a way as to favor the development of cultural, economic, health, educational and other links between the Malvinas Islands and the Argentine mainland.

4.        Measures that allow the use, conservation and preservation of natural resources in the area under sovereignty dispute to be adjusted to what is established by the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Decolonization Committee of the United Nations.

5.        The demilitarization of areas under sovereignty dispute.


“The proposal presented by Cafiero indicates that ''the Argentine Republic considers the need to adopt a new bilateral agenda related to the South Atlantic,'' and for this reason it considers that ''the establishment of a formal negotiation process within the general framework is required. established by Resolution 2065 (XX)' , transparent and in good faith, where issues of mutual interest are addressed, containing at least those five detailed points, indicates the official communication. And to this end, it invited Great Britain “to arrange a meeting to agree on the negotiating agenda at the United Nations headquarters in New York,” he adds.

Cafiero highlighted in his note, the "will to give continuity to the bilateral relationship in all areas in which progress has been recorded and in which courses of action have been proposed in which no divergences have arisen" , in particular "the continuity of the humanitarian actions to identify the Argentine soldiers who fell in the South Atlantic Conflict that were carried out by both countries and with the intervention of the International Committee of the Red Cross through the Humanitarian Project Plan I and II, and whose third stage was “It is in the final analysis process to reach an agreement.”

The Argentine Foreign Minister's proposal was formalized within the framework of his participation in the G20 Foreign Ministers' Summit being held in the city of New Delhi, Republic of India.

By Agenda Malvinas


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