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The Spaniards who plunder the Malvinas will pay the British 13.4 million euros in fishing permits

The 16 Galician vessels that steal Argentine squid in waters adjacent to the Malvinas will pay the kelpers this year a total of 13.4 million euros in fishing licenses.

11 de January de 2023 13:32

Part of the Galician fleet that steals associated with the British in the Malvinas, in the port of Vigo

With reflections typical of those who have benefited for centuries from piracy and looting of other countries, the Galician newspaper Faro de Vigo , relates with miserable optimism; the bonanzas that the partnership with companies from the British colony that usurps the Malvinas Islands brings to Spain, and for them he offers a flowery background story: “The Loligo squid fishery in the waters of the Malvinas (Malvinas) happens to be one of “the best examples of fisheries management in the world, in which the Government and the fleet itself collaborate.”

By Agenda Malvinas


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