The usurpers of the Malvinas promote oil exploitation and port development in the face of the passivity of the Argentine Government

While the presidential administration of Javier Milei flirts in diplomatic meetings with officials from Great Britain, the usurpers are preparing to develop the oil industry and the construction of a port that will consolidate the colonial enclave.

26 de March de 2024 13:27

The English project for a new port in the Malvinas will mean a new setback for Argentina.

In the last few hours, a statement was released from the illegitimate authorities of the Malvinas Islands, announcing that budgetary investments and the work of administrative areas will be prioritized based on projects for the exploitation of natural resources in the area and those that allow improve communication channels.  

On the one hand, there is the Sea Lion/León Marino hydrocarbon field project in the northern part of the Islands, carried out by the oil company Rockhopper Exploration and its Israeli partner and investor Navitas Petroleum , through which it is planned to carry out 23 drillings to reach 80,000 barrels per day in about three years.

Likewise, the kelpers are dedicated to the construction of a port near the current one in Puerto Argentino, which will deepen the theft of resources such as fishing, which belong to our country, in addition to generating an increase in tourism and maritime transport.

By Agenda Malvinas


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