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Melella responded to the head of the Southern Command: “We will not tolerate any threat to our sovereignty.

The governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella; crossed the head of the US Southern Command, after through clearly colonial statements, she referred to South America as a continent over which they can arrogantly dispose of their natural resources.

25 de January de 2023 10:13

“No, Mrs.

  Through his Twitter account, the governor of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, and among them, the Malvinas archipelago, said NO to the commander of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson ; after it spread reckless confiscatory statements about the natural resources of the nations of South America, ignoring the existence of the people and their rights.

“No, Mrs.Cmdte.del @Southcom, they are not YOUR natural resources, they are the wealth of the Latin American people,” the Fuegian president responded. And he warned her: “We will not tolerate any threat to our sovereignty, nor that the history of imperialist looting is repeated. Our natural resources belong to us.”

Along the same lines, the Fuegian president; the first to express himself with such forcefulness in the face of the imperial audacity of the United States, told Richardson : “The people of the Region do not need to be tutored on how to manage our affairs. This became clear when 213 years ago we shed our blood and fought to achieve that freedom and independence. Two centuries later we will not admit such interference, much less under the coercion that it veilly hints at."

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