Milei said that he traveled to Ushuaia “because of Melella's rudeness” in not receiving Laura Richardson

“Faced with that rudeness, I said; I finish a note with Bloomberg and I get on the plane and I go,” the president argued; despite the fact that Melella had made public his refusal to receive the head of the US Southern Command, several days before.

10 de April de 2024 15:53

Meeting of President Javier Milei with General Laura Richardson at the Ushuaia Naval Base, last Thursday, April 4.

The refusal of the governor of Tierra del Fuego Gustav Melella to hold a meeting with North American officials and military personnel was due to the military exercises carried out by the United States together with Great Britain in the Malvinas Islands during previous years.

In this context, Javier Milei decided to travel almost without prior notice to Tierra del Fuego to meet with Richardson and the North American ambassador, Marc Stanley , at the headquarters of the Southern Naval Area.

By Agenda Malvinas


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