Milei enabled US intervention.

President Javier Milei arrived in Ushuaia last night to meet with the head of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson, and with Ambassador Mark Stanley at the headquarters of the Austral Naval Base.

5 de April de 2024 10:19

Ambassador Mark Stanley, President Javier Milei, General Laura Richardson and Defense Minister Luis Petri, last night in the main hall of the Ushuaia Naval Base.

Although details of the agreement reached with the military force that periodically carries out military exercises with the United Kingdom in the Malvinas were not disclosed, Javier Milei advanced aspects of North America's participation in the activities of the new Integrated Naval Base that the Navy plans to build in the capital. Fuegian, without participation from Tierra del Fuego, nor from the capital city.

In his speech given in the gymnasium of the Austral Naval Base, the president was explicit; He said “we are here to ratify our effort in the development of our Integrated Naval Base,” which “will turn our countries into the gateway to the white continent,” and making it clear that the United States will participate in the activities.

“It is a large logistics center that will constitute the closest development center to Antarctica,” said the president, who was not received by any authority from the provincial government or the Municipality, but who did not address the people in his words. from Tierra del Fuego.

By Agenda Malvinas


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