By order of the Milei Government, National Radio did not broadcast the April 2 vigil

A journalist from the state media recounted the details of the absence of Radio Nacional at the April 2 vigil. It was an unprecedented mistake, but at the same time it does not attract attention, if one takes into account that, for the first time, the national government did not send officials to participate in the protocol events for the anniversary of the Malvinas War.

8 de June de 2024 12:16

"This year we couldn't even move to the tent, we couldn't even do radio from the tent," said Adriana Cabrera.

The journalist from Radio Nacional Río Grande, Adriana Cabrera , reported that the media outlet that is broadcast throughout the country did not broadcast the vigil for those who fell in the Malvinas war , as was historically done in the city of Río Grande, due to to an order from the management of President Javier Milei .

In statements to Radio Provincia, Cabrera assured that it was an order from the authorities of Radio Nacional: " What's more, some of us said we were going to go the same, but of course how were we going to go the same if we were outside the work space and we couldn't remove the elements. " , nothing. "We couldn't get a radio console out, so we didn't broadcast Malvinas, with great sadness."

Likewise, the journalist indicated that "Radio Nacional always broadcast Malvinas to the entire country, but this year we couldn't even go to the tent, we couldn't even do radio from the tent."

According to him, the fact that Fuegian Public Television had broadcast the commemoration event live made the absence of National Radio go unnoticed by public opinion. “No one found out, because coincidentally this year the channel broadcast. So with the channel this instance was overlooked,” Cabrera stated.

In this context, he also expressed doubts regarding the continuity of the station , since the authorities have asked that the workers not speak in the media about the situation they are going through.

We are a little silenced, I could even say that I am acting badly because they have asked us for silence, because we still don't know how we are,” the journalist mentioned. But since we don't know how we are, I think it's appropriate that people find out what situation we are in with this uncertainty, because tomorrow we can stop being there."

“Telam was a big scare, what happened with Telam and the reaction. Of course we were frozen, because up to that point we thought he wasn't going to do it, that he was a threat. And well, it happened with Telam and we began to see beyond that,” said the communicator.

By Agenda Malvinas


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