The United Kingdom assures that it maintains an adequate level of military presence in the Malvinas

The acquisition of the 24 F-16 fighter-bombers by Argentina generates concern in Great Britain regarding the capacity of its air defense to ensure the usurpation of the Malvinas Islands.

28 de April de 2024 10:33

Typhoon fighter plane, based at the Mount Pleasant military base in the Malvinas

In this regard, MP Robert Buckland, president of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, raised a series of questions to the Secretary of State for Defense about the United Kingdom's defense strategy in the South Atlantic.

In response to these questions, Leo Docherty, Minister of State at the Ministry of Defense and Minister for the Armed Forces , assured that the United Kingdom's defensive preparedness is constantly evaluated with the aim of adapting to changing developments.

Furthermore, he highlighted the country's commitment to the security of the Malvina Islands and stated: “We keep our defense posture in the South Atlantic under regular review to take into account the full range of developments. "I am satisfied that the current military presence in the South Atlantic is of the appropriate level to guarantee the defense of the Islands."

Currently - say the British - the British colony in the Malvina Islands houses a solid military presence, with the RAF in Mount Pleasant, as a central point; which provides a crucial air bridge between the islands and the United Kingdom. This presence includes an infantry company, an air defense battery, Typhoon fighter aircraft and usually a Royal Navy patrol.


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