According to Clarín, no children were born to Romanian parents in the Malvinas Islands.

The Clarín newspaper states that in the official birth registry of the British colony in Malvinas, there is no child listed with the name and surname of the minor whom a Romanian couple requested to be registered as an Argentine citizen born in the province of Tierra del Fuego. .

19 de May de 2023 13:15

The King Edward VII Hospital in Malvinas, where the minor's birth certificate should exist.

In an extensive note published last night by Clarín , journalist Natasha Niebieskikwiat claims to have learned from “a very good source” from Malvinas, that in “ the 2016 birth registry and there is none with the name of the minor who appears in the records under the name of DP”, these initials correspond to the name and surname of the Romanian minor, whose parents requested to be nationalized as Argentine by stating that he was born in the Malvinas Islands on September 29, 2016.

The case gained national relevance, when 10 days ago it was learned that the Civil Registry of Ushuaia had suspended the delivery of a birth certificate processed by the lawyer Carolina Salgado , representing a Romanian couple, who claimed with documentation granted by authorities of his country, having had a child in the Malvinas Islands, without a birth certificate issued by any doctor from the Fuegian territory usurped by Great Britain.

Clarín also says; that “he also consulted on the islands with various sources” to find out if anyone knew a Romanian couple who had worked and stayed there for a period of four years; “And for now, no one knows them. 3,000 people live in the archipelago, almost everyone knows each other,” says the journalist; a fact that seems to increasingly distance the possibility that the child was born in Malvinas territory.

"Clarín came to this story after the publication of it through Twitter by the Fuegian journalist Gabriel Ramonet. And because, in addition, they came to ask Senator Pablo Blanco, candidate for governor for Together for Change in Sunday's elections past, that he echoed the case, and that he claimed Argentine nationality for the child, presenting it as an issue related to the conflict of British Argentine sovereignty over the islands. Blanco even made a statement,” says the media.

Furthermore, Niebieskikwiat claims to have accessed “the documentation that this couple gave to a lawyer and spoke with the lawyer.”But when he wanted to go deeper, the information “didn't fit anywhere,” he says.

The newspaper lists that , “the lawyer demanded, on the one hand, that the name of the minor not be written, she indicated that the parents no longer wanted the story to be written and then, she asked that her own name not be recorded either. The elder The question at the moment – says the media – is that the supposed Romanian couple sent the lawyer a birth certificate from Bucharest, Romania (it appears legalized as such), which says that the child, whose initials are DP, was born in “Stanley, Malvina Islands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 29 September 2016.” And it says that his parents are Sergey Popov and Golokova Roza. It says that that birth certificate was obtained on June 14, 2017 in Bucharest Romania.”

Among the documents that Clarín showed is a marriage certificate of Popov and Golokova registered at the Romanian embassy in Moscow, and it says that they were married in the Russian Federation, on December 26, 2012.

Clarín consulted for days in the Malvinas about the version that lawyer Salgado received from her clients. According to the lawyer, the Romanians said that they worked for four years on the islands, that they had the child there and then they left. "From a very good source in the birth registry of 2016 and there is none with the name of the minor who appears in the records under the name of DP And for now no one knows them. 3000 people live in the archipelago, almost everyone is know” , he adds.

Clarín also asked to ask the minor's parents why they wanted to nationalize him as Argentine if they had not had any emotional contact with the continent and Romania was part of the European Union, therefore, they have a broad geostrategic spectrum passport.

At the time, Clarín spoke with the lawyer and asked her why they did not send an original birth certificate issued in the Malvinas. In her response, lawyer Salgado said that Argentina would not recognize a document issued by "authorities of the islands." that are not recognized by Argentina".

However, as the Fuegian government reported last Wednesday the 10th, the parents did not present “sufficient documentation to reliably prove their actual birth on our islands,” in reference to the medical certificate that corroborated the labor and delivery of that child in the hospital or in some physical place in the Malvinas.

The documents that the supposed Romanian couple sent to a lawyer in Tierra del Fuego to naturalize their son as Argentine. They say he was born in Malvinas.

From what Clarín understands, “the government of Tierra del Fuego warned of something irregular in time.” Also considering that, "thanks to journalist Ramonet, this (the media) had access to resolution 109 of the provincial Government Ministry, dated May 5, in which it decreed: the nullity of the act issued by the provincial Civil Registry, ordering the immobilization of the child's birth certificate and, among other things, ordered an administrative summary and sent the file to the State Prosecutor and the Public Prosecutor's Office to determine if crimes were committed."

Unsuspected derivations

The change of course of this controversy that had as its first instance a media accusation by lawyer Salgado against the Fuegian government for supposed denial of a National Identity Document to a child who she claimed was born in the Malvinas Islands; has led to the possibility that behind the procedure there could be the crime of appropriation of a minor and the attempt to replace his identity, by the Romanian couple.A crime of the first order, violating Human Rights that crosses all borders, that is imprescriptible and that can go against Romania as a State, also against those who claim to be her parents and presumably against the lawyer herself, who would have collected the sum of US$10,000 to carry out the process of recognition of the minor's nationality.

A more than curious fact is that from mere observance; Agenda Malvinas was able to compare the great physical difference between the minor and his parents.

By Agenda Malvinas


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