A guide to understand the danger that the existence of this international military base on Malvina Islands poses for Argentina and South America in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, a global financial crisis, in the midst of a bid to deepen the current system, or go to a new world order; analyzed by Daysi Rendo Gadea and Gustavo Abu Arab.

31 de March de 2023 21:04

A daily air corridor between the United Kingdom and the Malvinas accelerated the movement of military and civilians.

  The military escalation of the United Kingdom and NATO in the Malvinas in view of the world with a high military deployment, generates concern at a time when the great powers maintain a prolonged war in Ukraine.

This war context undoubtedly produces clear signs of rearrangement of the global containment of conflicts; while there is significant financial tension due to the fall of several historic banks.

The support that the United Kingdom receives from this strategic geopolitical alliance to which it belongs puts the region at risk by exhibiting its interest in controlling the oceanic passage forced to the continental ice and natural resources in the area of the islands and Antarctica.

These reasons mark as the central axis the sovereign claims for the definitive abolition of colonialism by the Argentine Republic in the Malvinas.

It is urgent and imperative to prevent the great powers from advancing in consolidating global military power from Soledad Island.

Take the information published by an independent pro-British news agency operating from Montevideo, Uruguay; on the Monte Agradable military complex on our islands, confirming that it is the most important NATO base in the southern hemisphere . It has been growing day by day since 1985.

With more than 10 square kilometers of extension in Monte Agradable , new constructions are underway around the landing strip, also next to the port that, a short distance away, acquires new operational functions.  

This arms imbalance is no longer regional or continental; we are talking about a colonial enclave of strategic importance.

The excessive presence of the British appetite for its colonial possession is demonstrated by long-range logistics and a daily air corridor as a military and civil transport line with stops in different countries.Flights are made from Brize Norton , 50 kilometers from London, the largest of the thirty bases owned by the British Royal Air Force in the world.

Air traffic has multiplied and the aforementioned air station obtained authorization from the IATA International Air Transport Association. This means that the United Kingdom has an operational international airport in usurped territory. Data that reaffirms the growth of the facilities in Monte Agradable and its staff that would already exceed the presence and transit of 5,000 men. Military units and garrisons that can be observed through of applications for public use without any restrictions.

The economic cost in resources and elements that must be billions of pounds sterling for this military budget, it is impossible that it has not passed through the Parliament of Great Britain. Of this enormous war expenditure, there is no supporting documentation, since obviously its treatment and approval was carried out in secret sessions of the British Parliament. It is also not published in any agenda and is practically unknown information.

The UN resolutions on the South Atlantic accepted by all the coastal nations of America and Africa clearly establish it as a zone of peace and free of nuclear weapons.

The new state-of-the-art defense and attack missile systems installed near the base add another threatening aspect.

By Agenda Malvinas


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