Bureaucracy, lack of coordination, submission to NATO and the United Kingdom, prevent the disarmament of the English radar in Tierra del Fuego

The Minister of Production and Environment of the southern province gave details, opened a host of questions and revealed the non-existence of an executive plan to disconnect and disarm the LeoLabs radar that puts the security and peace of Argentines at risk.

20 de September de 2023 06:47

The radar in Tolhuin belonging to LEOLABS LIMITED London, and LEOLABS SPACE HOLDINGS LIMITED Dublin.

It is incontrovertible evidence that several ministries and state areas, such as the Foreign Ministry; They are functional to the British interests entrenched in Argentina. But those who have taken greater prominence and been exposed by the national and Fuegian press from June to date are: the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation headed by Agustín Rossi , and the Government of Tierra del Fuego led by Gustavo Melella .

Lack of will or, on the contrary; protecting projects that are inversely contrary to safeguarding Argentine sovereignty and knowing that they endanger the security and peace of Argentines; They do not investigate, they do not meet, they do not dialogue, nor they agree on how to proceed to interrupt the electricity and internet services and disarm the radar of LeoLabs Argentina SRL subsidiary of LEOLABS LIMITED with headquarters in London England and LEOLABS SPACE HOLDINGS LIMITED with headquarters in Dublin Ireland. A high requirement that the Ministry of Defense of the Nation has been requesting for 90 days, together with the main military and scientific entities of Argentina on the matter.

The lowering of the line also reaches the Fuegian legislature, where it is not allowed to open a serious investigative body to determine those responsible and responsibilities. And if they are doing it; They evidently play to delay, slow down and make invisible so that others make the decision and not them. The silence and the elapsed time do not require explanations; they speak for themselves.

On a Fuegian handrail, to see who dares to give an explanation as to why the English radar installed in Tolhuin remains connected and very possibly operational, after a month in which the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers ordered the total cancellation of the permit extended to LeoLabs Argentina SRL ; the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of the government of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary ; He referred any response to the Minister of Production and Environment of the Fuegian government, Sonia Castiglione.

Castiglione , who has the Environment Secretariat of Tierra del Fuego under the orbit of his Ministry, gave some clarifications, was sincere and apologized. He also left new questions open and on the other hand, warned about the CADIC 's refusal to want to provide information about the source of funds for research.

“The one who is very involved in the issue is Andrés Dachary”    

For the Minister who has been accompanying Gustavo Melella from the Río Grande mayor's office, her competence is purely and exclusively over the environmental permit granted for the installation of the radar. And the first thing she assures is that the Estancia el Relincho property, “does not It cannot be used for anything else.” Therefore, when Nación informed her that it was canceling the permit, the Secretary of the Environment told the agent and manager of LeoLabs Argentina SRL , Pablo Renán Bilbao , to “leave the place as it was.”

That, in administrative terms. But so far they have not found a solution; It's the legal question. “What the lawyers are telling me is that if I sue, for example; “So that in 15 days I disarm it, and in 15 days it doesn't disarm it, what do I do? I don't have a legal framework for the sanction. What do I do as a State?” .Sufficient reason for the placement by Production and Environment not to happen until they find “the legal vein ”. And faced with this picture of uncertainty, he believes and opines the following: “For me, whoever has to place for disarmament , is Nation; "They are the enforcement authority for radars and all these things."

- And that has not happened? Did you not receive notification about the deadlines that you gave or should give to the company, so that they can be verified by the province? - She was asked . “No. At least I have not received it. The only thing is the Provision (DI-2023-15-APN-SSTYCO#JGM) that was sent, with which I made the Resolution ( MPy A.No. 860/2023) , stated Castiglione in a telephone conversation; who at all times refused to give an opinion on the actions of the other areas of government. "Our competition is only from the environmental. If there is any other type of consideration that is not environmental, they must go through another lane or another area that I don't really know who it is. It is very diluted," he said.

The Minister also did not want to give a direct response on organizational matters among the actors who allowed and enabled the existence of the radar . In several passages of the interview she was asked if at this time - before and after the Provision of total cancellation of the Headquarters of Cabinet to the radar operation in Tolhuin -; meetings had been held between the Ministry of Production and Environment , the Ministry of Public Works headed by Gabriela Castillo (on whom the provision of electrical energy depends through the Provincial Energy Directorate) ; the Secretariat of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs and all those areas of the province that have jurisdiction; to dialogue with the Chief of Staff of the Nation , and in this way know how to regulate and apply the legal act issued by the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Nation : Provision DI-2023-15-APN-SSTYCO#JGM.

Castiglione returned the ball by referring the spotlight to the Secretary of Malvinas Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, who had advised to speak with her . “The one who is very involved in the issue is Andrés Dachary. I don't know if Andrés has been through that instance. I don't know specifically. If you have gone through that instance of telling them, send me something to cut off the light. The problem is the diffuse issues. The ones that stop you in a place where there is gray” ; The minister responded, leaving a host of questions with a single answer; The only thing that is clear is that Dachary “is very involved in the issue .” This could be interpreted as Dachary being the only one informed, concerned or responsible for an executive action that, if it exists, she is unaware of.

- You don't have any legal element to put an end to Leolabs' operation? Agenda Malvinas insisted. "In principle no. I am looking for them with the lawyers. Talk about the DPE with Gaby (Gabriela Castillo) or with Andrés (Dachary), to see what the framework they have is. Because the difficulties that I have, to advance on different issues, perhaps the DPE also has them. I don't know the regulations regarding private places,” said the official who once again shot up: “this comes from the Nation. From the Argentine Ambassador to the United States.Jorge Arguello who celebrated the company in Argentina.

By Agenda Malvinas


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