Channel 13 issued a detailed report on the English radar in Tierra del Fuego

Telenoche, the news program on Channel 13 in Buenos Aires; released this Monday night, the 25th, in its central edition, a detailed report where it showed the country the existence of a British radar in the heart of the big island of Tierra del Fuego.

26 de September de 2023 01:31

Nelson Castro, Dominique Metzger and Nacho Otero, presenting a special report on the English radar 700 km from Malvinas

The journalistic work headed by Nacho Otero was carried out between Wednesday the 13th and Friday the 15th of this month, both in Ushuaia and Tolhuin; and 10 days later it remains absolutely valid, since neither the government of Tierra del Fuego nor the national government have done anything to carry out the disconnection of the internet and electricity networks that feed it, and even less have they planned the disarmament that The Ministry of Defense and the Undersecretary of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Chief of Staff have been insistently requesting it, which first; On November 15, 2022, it authorized the company LeoLabs Argentina SA to mount it and on August 23, it ordered its total cancellation.

Presented by Nelson Castro and Dominique Metzger , the report lasts 11 minutes and 32 seconds. In the studio and live, Nacho Otero put together the administrative sequence and the political responsibilities of those who allowed the installation of this radar from British capitals just 700 kilometers away. of the Malvina Islands.

With abundant documentation provided by Agenda Malvinas , the report titled by the production of Channel 13 UN ENGLISH RADAR WATCHES IN PATAGONIA , collected the testimonies of the international politics analyst and director of the website, Nicolás Promanzio ; of the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary ; of the National Senator Pablo Blanco and the director of Agenda Malvinas, former combatant soldier of the Malvinas war and journalist Daniel Guzmán .

Nicolas Promanzio , who opens the series of interviews that appear in the report, was the first to notice what was later made official by the Ministry of Defense; The radar has the possibility of dual use - civil and military -, and the company incorporated in the country, LeoLabs Argentina SA , is a subsidiary of a British company. A fact confirmed hours later by Agenda Malvinas, when it documented that it belongs to LeoLabs Space Holdings Limited based in Dublin Ireland and Leolabs Limited based in London, the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

For his part, almost as if oblivious to the responsibilities that fall to the government itself, Andrés Dachary said he was in charge of “something impossible to think of in any part of the country, particularly in Tierra del Fuego where we are suffering from the Malvinas situation” and that for the power cut requested by the Nation, “it can only be done by court order.” Senator Pablo Blanco wondered “how an area of lower hierarchy (in reference to the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers) of the Nation) within the scope of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, without informing Defense and Foreign Relations, when it is nothing more nor less than installing a radar in a conflict zone and the company that installs it has capital from the "the same one that usurps the Malvinas Islands."

In front of the entrance gate to Estancia el Relincho , at kilometer 2946 of national route No. 3 ,   where the radar has been installed since last year, Daniel Guzmán not only He assured Nacho Otero that “the radar is working” , but also confided in him something that is latent in the majority of the soldiers who actually fought on the islands in 1982: “thinking about the kids who died alongside us, that the most painful event had been to return as prisoners after surrendering their weapons and that now 41 years later this appears (an English radar in the heart of Tierra del Fuego). "This was not done by the dictatorship, this was done by democratic governments."

The truth is that 103 days after the danger of the LeoLabs Argentina SA radar became public, the origin of its capitals was identified, and all the ministries and national and provincial areas that acted were known and also to those who were arbitrarily not given the mandatory intervention, as well as the names of the acting officials; The radar continues to operate without anyone taking the initiative to comply with the requests that they themselves issue: disconnect the electricity and the internet connection, deregister the company in the General Inspection of Justice of Tierra del Fuego and cancel the environmental authorizations that were granted to him.

By Agenda Malvinas


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