Dachary questioned the Nation's attitude towards the discovery of oil in Antarctica by Russia

The Fuegian official raised suspicions about the news of the Russian investigations, taking into account that the alleged discovery was announced by the Parliament of Great Britain. In turn, he indicated that the US had already raised in other documents the large amount of natural resources that exist in Antarctica.

22 de May de 2024 08:59

"When you see the geological guide of the United States, a document that is more than 20 years old, Antarctica is a continent that is full of natural resources," said Dachary, "not just oil, it has gas, diamonds, uranium, and in case this were almost 70% of the planet's fresh water reserve.”

The Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of the Government of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary , charged against the presidential administration of Javier Milei for the management of international politics and specifically the Malvinas Question.

In addition, he questioned the veracity of the news spread about Russia finding oil and gas deposits , because it was reported from the British Parliament.

Although he began by talking about the lack of clear actions by the Foreign Ministry regarding the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in Antarctica by Russia, to this he added criticism for the approach that has been given to the Malvinas Question by not clearly raising the claim of sovereignty to the British usurpers, taking into account the closeness and sympathy manifested by Milei in the relationship with the United Kingdom.

“The first thing our Foreign Ministry should do is seek to make this communication official, contact the Russian Embassy in our country as we did and we are waiting for the responses,” said the Fuegian official, adding that “we “We have been critical of the management of this government regarding what has been the Malvinas, where there has been a setback.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the provincial government contacted the Russian embassy about the discovery of vast areas of oil and gas in a maritime area of Antarctica, since there is a dispute between Argentina, Chile and Great Britain regarding sovereignty. of that region.

The first thing we have done is to contact the Russian embassy because the source of this news is a British media based on an exhibition that takes place within the scope of what is precisely the British Parliament,” Dachary explained . Today the United Kingdom practically finds itself in a situation of war with Russia due to what is happening in Ukraine, precisely the conflict that affects all of Europe. That is why we believe that in this sense what needs to be done in terms of the approach that a news of this importance implies is whether we are truly in the presence of a news story or a press operation intended to disqualify a country and obviously for geopolitical interests. what's in the game."

Likewise, he considered that the discovery of hydrocarbons in the Antarctic area is not surprising and that this was even raised in US documents: “In a way this is not new because when one sees the geological guide of the United States, a document "For more than 20 years, Antarctica is a continent that is full of natural resources, not only oil, it has gas, diamonds, uranium and as if this were not enough, almost 70% of the planet's fresh water reserve."

Dachary highlighted the international importance of these territories currently destined for scientific research, within the framework of the current Antarctic Treaty and the Madrid protocol, which "precisely restricts the exploitation of natural resources south of the parallel." However, he mentioned that it will be very difficult to maintain this condition over time , due to the economic interests of world powers.

“That is why this news generates more suspicions about how it is made known that Russia would have found one of the main sources of oil globally in what are the British Antarctic territories because Russia would never dominate an Antarctic territory as a British one because it is crazy.” , said the official.

"It will be very difficult over time for Antarctica to preserve this status that we know today as a place deprived of everything that is the exploitation of natural resources because unfortunately we live in a world in which it constantly gives us examples of how “nuclear interests surpass international cooperation,” he concluded.



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