Relatives of the ARA San Juan stopped the decoration of the head of the force when the submarine sank

In 2017, Marcelo Srur was sentenced to 45 days of arrest for not providing information to the crew's relatives about the sinking of the submarine. This 2024 he was going to be decorated, but the indignation of the plaintiffs in the judicial case stopped the act.

23 de May de 2024 10:34

The decoration that Srur was to receive is a recognition given to senior officers who have completed 35 years of service.

Marcelo Srur , retired admiral of the Argentine Navy, was head of the force when the Submarine ARA San Juan sank, causing the death of 44 sailors. On Monday, May 20 , he was going to receive a diploma and a medal for his years of service , but the rejection of the relatives of the deceased crew members prevented the decoration from being awarded .

Through a statement, family members who are complainants in the case investigating the tragic event that occurred on November 15, 2017, highlighted that “the pain of the family members will never cease, and it seems that there are always signs of mistreatment towards them.”

They added that "while the families of the 44 crew members await justice, the Navy rewards one of those investigated and already punished for the tragic event," maintains the text, which "strongly repudiates any gesture of approval for the former head of the Navy, “Marcelo Srur.”

“We cannot forget that (Srur) was fulfilling functions at the time the submarine and the life plans of its crew went to the bottom of the sea,” the text states. We must not let the lack of understanding pass, this is like throwing acid on a national wound.”

The decoration that the former soldier was going to receive is a recognition that is normally given to all senior officers who retire and have completed 35 years of service.

At the time, Srur was sanctioned with 45 days of rigorous arrest along with other Navy officers , taking into account that he was accused of not providing "information to the crew members' families , with the aggravating circumstance of not appearing before the public." , demonstrating a lack of commitment and diligence, with the consequent institutional damage to the image of the Argentine Navy."


By Agenda Malvinas


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