The Tandil Air Brigade will invest more than US$10 million to receive the F-16s

According to estimates by the head of the Armed Forces, Xavier Isaac, the Tandil air base must be intervened in its runways, hangars and other facilities.

27 de April de 2024 15:08

The F-16 fighter-bombers that will soon come to Argentina and that will have a seat in the VI Air Brigade.

The head of the Argentine Armed Forces, Xavier Julián Isaac , once again referred to the future of the existing military air base in Tandil, where the first F-16 aircraft that Javier Milei's government agreed to buy from Denmark will arrive next year. back.

Asked about the updates that will have to be made in that space in order to house the planes, Isaac said that it will be necessary to invest “between 10 and 15 million dollars.”

“The Air Force has to do many things to prepare the VI Brigade of Tandil,” acknowledged the person in charge of the joint state of the national Armed Forces in dialogue with the newspaper La Nación.

Along these lines, Isaac specified that “the runway, hangars and other facilities must be renewed” and delved into the characteristics of the North American aircraft acquired in Europe.

Two of the Mirage that operated in the VI Air Brigade of Tandil.

“They have a very powerful engine, almost double the power of a Mirage, with a very large air intake under the fuselage and it sucks a lot, so the runways and platforms have to be pristine,” Isaac stressed.

Beyond estimating the aforementioned investment figure of more than 10 million dollars, the head of the Armed Forces clarified: “I do not have the exact numbers. "There is no need to make the base new, because until 10 years ago the Mirages operated there, but several modifications are necessary in works that will begin shortly and will last until 2025."

By Agenda Malvinas


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