The president of the IPV of Tierra del Fuego gave housing to a manager of the company that installed the English radar in Tolhuin

This is Diego Mancini.

3 de October de 2023 18:24

Laura Malvina Montes, without apparent intervention from the Social and Legal areas of the organization, delivered a social home to the manager of LeoLabs with a single signature.

In a province where access to housing, whether through rental, acquisition or construction, has become one of the great concerns and central issues of Fuegian society due to its very high costs; The president of the Provincial Institute of Housing and Urbanism of Tierra del Fuego (IPV), Arq. Laura Malvinas Montes , granted Diego Alberto Mancini Loiacono , a home as a loan , -a non-amortizable use fee-, for the term 12 months. For which you must pay a monthly fee of 107,381.72 pesos.

The administrative act of possession was carried out on August 22. In this way, Laura Malvina Montes , without apparent intervention from the Social and Legal areas of the organization (no stamps or signatures of other intervening officials are registered ); He gave Diego Alberto Mancini Loiacono a two-bedroom house on Los Coihues Street in the Andorra neighborhood of Ushuaia.

Diego Alberto Mancini Loiacono is not a person who bears the same names and the same double surname of the manager of LeoLabs Argentina SRL . No; is the same. The DNI number of the agreement with the IPV and the Membership Agreement of the company that owns the Irish and English capital radar where he assumed the management position, corroborate it: DNI: 28,342,840.

Diego Alberto Mancini Loiacono accepted the management position on December 1, 2022. The same day that Pablo Renán Bilbao, María Victoria Cerone, Daniel Peter Ceperley and Eileen Judith Trevenor also assumed. Which means that he and the other four are receiving payment for the work they must be doing, in such turbulent days for the company. Perhaps he was even one of those who went to Estancia El Relincho to remove the “electronic parts.” of the radar, of which Bilbao informed Governor Gustavo Melella in a note last week, but without specifying which “electronic parts” he was referring to.

LeoLabs Argentina SRL pays rent to Vicente Castellano for El Relincho, of 12,975 dollars per month . It is transferred to a bank in Croatia in the name of Castellano's daughter. There is nothing to suggest that LeoLabs ' payment to its managers is not also dollars The several million-dollar business line that the company has worldwide allows Dan Ceperley to pay his managers and all his employees in dollars.Having the US Department of Defense or Space X as clients guarantees LeoLabs to pay decent salaries commensurate with the positions of its managers.

By Agenda Malvinas


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Cristina 9 months ago

Yo hace años q espero una vivienda con mis hijos cumplo con las reglas que rige el IPV y pago impuestos mientras tanto alquilo y me cobran fortuna ahora viene cualquier conocido o amigo o pariente y tienen disponibilidad de departamentos. .. cuando me canso de ir y preguntar si hay algo me hechan Fli y dicen señora ya les dijimos q no tenemos nada en este momento hay muchísima demanda, se piensan q la gente es estúpida se nos ríen en la cara mientras a otros que cagan plata y cobran en dólares les dan una vivienda sin tener las mismas necesidades que uno tiene. Son unos imperceptibles... señora precidenta compadescace por la gente q realmente necesita y hace bien las cosas y hace años esperan una vivienda y se nos cagan de risa en la cara haciendo estás estupideces... gracias 👍

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Loli Lencina Closs 9 months ago

Habrá que pedir la renuncia de la Sra presidenta del IPV ya que no tuvo la sensatez de presentarla ella misma.. Me imagino que como mínimo le darán espacio en las Malvinas Dada su predisposición.

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