The British destroy and make disappear the offerings placed by the Argentines in the Malvinas

A former combatant who traveled to the islands noticed the disappearance of posters, rosaries, images, flowers that were placed by visitors, family and friends to honor the memory of those who fell during the war.

23 de March de 2023 11:38

"The brutality that British neocolonial decadence exerts is unacceptable," they expressed from Cecim La Plata.

The Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center (Cecim) of La Plata denounced today that the plaques, posters and rosaries that were placed in recent years in different parts of the islands by ex-combatants were "torn off and destroyed by British barbarism", affecting not only the "full exercise of Argentine sovereignty" but also that of "memory" in the archipelago.

"On the eve of commemorating the National Day of Memory, for Truth and Justice on March 24, on April 2 the children of the Malvinas and on December 10 the 40 years of the recovery of democracy, we will continue to sow Memory , as our Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo taught us, throughout the national territory, including our Malvinas Islands," said the former combatant, Secretary of Human Rights of Cecim La Plata, and member of the Provincial Commission for Memory, in a statement. (CPM), Ernesto Alonso .

In this framework, he considered that the British "not only usurp a portion of Argentine territory, which affects the full exercise of our sovereignty, but also prohibit, illegitimately and illegally, the exercise of memory."

In a statement, the former combatant reported that, since the end of the 1982 war with England, many of the former conscripts feel "the need to return to the islands to reconstruct the days lived in the war and remember their fallen comrades, the wounded and tortured by the Armed Forces of State terrorism".

"Returning to the place where everything happened was for years a pending debt that some of us were only able to begin to pay off in 2005, when we had the opportunity to travel to the islands," said Alonso and recalled that "on each trip, it is imperative to mark the places where those events occurred that remained engraved in our memory".

Thus, he said that the ex-combatants seek to "leave marks that recognize and make visible the hunger, the cold and the horror, but also the feeling of brotherhood that was formed" between comrades in the 74 days that the war lasted and detailed that, with that purpose , they intervened "that geography that belongs to us to leave a mark, like the ones we carry in our body and soul."

Then, he reported that in May 2007 a group of former soldiers placed a plaque in the Argentine Cemetery in Darwin, which said: "25 years after the Malvinas war, the CECIM La Plata pays homage to the comrades who fell in combat." among all, it is a duty to be brought together. Even more so if one has given one's life to forge a birth, because only then will the authentic heroes of the Homeland live in time.'”

On March 18, a former combatant warned on the islands that this plaque had been torn off, as happens with posters, rosaries, images, flowers and other elements that are placed on that site by visitors, family and friends who are present. to leave an offering and honor the memory of the fallen.

"Everything is uprooted and destroyed by British barbarism.That fate befell the signage plaques that the CPM placed in March 2017, when together with Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner; Nora Cortiñas, mother of Plaza de Mayo Línea Foundadora, and members of the organization, visited the cemetery to demand the identification of the soldiers buried as NN and to denounce the militarization of the islands and demand justice for the tortured soldiers," Alonso continued.

He reported that "the same thing happened with the wooden crosses we placed where our fellow combatants were murdered on Mount Longdon, the reminders from universities and civil society institutions, and the photos that mothers left on their children's graves." .

"The brutality that British neocolonial decadence exerts is unacceptable.

By Agenda Malvinas


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