Kelpers angry with the European Union for recognizing the name of the Malvina Islands

“We are enormously disappointed that it has been decided to refer to our Islands by a name that has been given to us by our aggressive and hostile neighbor, Argentina,” they stated in a document, complaining that the European Union took note “of the historical position of CELAC”, regarding the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands raised by Argentina.

21 de July de 2023 13:24

They ask EU members to refer to the archipelago as the Malvinas Islands.

Through a document released yesterday on Twitter, the illegal British government that usurps the Malvinas Islands from Argentina, expressed itself as “enormously disappointed” that, at the III bi-regional Summit of CELAC and the European Union , the latter has agreed to incorporate into the Declaration General a point in which he names the archipelago under the Argentine name of “Islas Malvinas”.

“The members of the Legislative Assembly of the Malvina Islands would like to make it clear that this news from Brussels does not change anything.

By Agenda Malvinas


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