Who is the lawyer who engineered the purchase of stays in Santa Cruz in favor of Chilean Pinochet supporters?

He is a member of the group of lawyers who, together with the candidate for vice president of La Libertad Avanza, defends the dictatorship.

6 de November de 2023 09:23

A legal engineering, to favor the foreignization of 60 thousand hectares on Argentine soil.

All the engineering that gave legality to the operation that ended with the foreignization of 60 thousand hectares , in one of the areas of greatest beauty and natural resources of Santa Cruz, was done in a renowned law firm in the Federal Capital.

As La Opinión Austral has been reporting since 2019, which is when the complaint was filed, they are fields bordering the Republic of Chile that make up fifty kilometers of shore on Lake San Martín, binational, native forests, mighty rivers and a glacier where The ranches Melenik , Veranada de Jones and El Cóndor are located . All this, added to the fact that it is a special place for having been the scene of dispute, in the conflict that Argentina had with the trans-Andean country and led to an international award.

Today that entire strategic place belongs to the Chilean magnate Maximiliano Ibáñez Bulnes , who was able to advance by circumventing the Land Law , which establishes the limits of land acquisition from foreign hands and the border area, that is, it directly prohibits them. It is about rules that the businessman could not ignore, since his country also has them. However, in Argentina, he found a team of dedicated collaborators, with whom he shares a common history, linked to the dark years of both countries.

It must be remembered that Ibáñez Bulnes managed to gain the majority of the share package of Cielos Patagónico SA , administrator of the three ranches, after a mysterious resignation from the board of directors.But, in addition, he did it through a third party by creating a trust in the name of Ezequiel Braun Pellegrini , the front man .

By Agenda Malvinas


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