“We are the bicontinental Province; the Province of Malvinas”, highlighted Melella on the 33rd anniversary of the Fuegian Constitution

Melella highlighted the importance of commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the swearing in of the Constitution of Tierra del Fuego that he proposes to reform. He said he was “proud of the Fuegian people because they are a people that moves forward and does not remain stuck in the past.”

2 de June de 2024 16:25

The event took place in Río Grande and was attended by ex-conventional members who on June 1, 1991 gave life to the Constitution of the last Argentine province to leave the status of National Territory.

Governor Gustavo Melella, together with Vice Governor Mónica Urquiza, led this Saturday, June 1, the central event to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the swearing in of the Constitution of Tierra del Fuego AIAS, which was attended by conventional constituents from 1991 along with neighbors and neighbors who accompanied this historic date at the Casa del Deporte in the city of Río Grande.

“We are used to going through very hard times and a lot of conflict, but our people are great and we Fuegians move forward in the face of any adversity,” said the Fuegian president, in reference to the national political scenario that the country is going through, as a consequence of the National Government presided over by Javier Milei. “Very hard times because there are families who have lost their jobs and their salary is not enough,” he described. Although he appreciated that "we have a great land that has natural resources and that attracts interested investments in our Province to generate employment."

“We have great public health; a great public education with great teachers; with police officers who take care of us permanently; “We have a town of workers who fight it, and a great future with our boys and girls ,” he said.

“We are the bicontinental Province; the Province of Malvinas”

The governor renewed his commitment to work "for the Fuegian people in this very difficult time in Argentina" , ensuring that from the Government "we are committed to maintaining the social peace of our province and continuing to recover to move forward, because that is the great challenge we have.”

“We are the bicontinental Province; The Province of Malvinas , we are a wonderful people that, beyond the fact that we may think and feel differently, we want a province that advances, that grows and that does not remain in the past. “We want to look forward and that is what we are going to achieve,” he concluded.

For her part, Vice Governor Urquiza “celebrated ” the fact of being able to make our own decisions, traveling a path with successes and mistakes, but working day by day from the place that corresponds to each of us with the same strength as 33 years ago. the founding men and women had.”

“I want to highlight the 19 conventional constituents who assumed the commitment to draft, nothing more and nothing less, than our Magna Carta thinking about a large province project with a promising future. They did it with passion, defending ideals, but with a lot of respect,” Urquiza highlighted.



By Agenda Malvinas


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