Kasanzew criticized the new monument to the fallen in Malvinas and was reminded of his complicity with the dictatorship

The 1982 war correspondent and current Director of the Senate's Malvinas Task Force, criticized the impressive structure built in tribute to the Malvinas heroes and was immediately repudiated by the Neuquén ex-combatants. The veterans' response was to explain the feeling of those who fought against the British pirates. In turn, they pointed him out as an accomplice to the dictatorship's lies in the media during the war.

4 de June de 2024 09:47

The monument of the sculptor from Cutral Co, Aldo Beroisa, is located near provincial route 14 and Fortabat Access. It is titled "Argentine Soldier" and will be inaugurated on June 9.

In the last few hours, the current national official and journalist of the dictatorship during the war against the British usurpers, Nicolás Kasansew , questioned the monument , which will be presented to society in the coming days, considering that it is an image of submission of an Argentine fighter.

The sculpture that pays tribute to the heroes of the 1982 war is 17 meters high and will be inaugurated on June 9 . It was made by Aldo Beroisa and located in Zapala, Neuquén .

From the Malvinas Soldiers Civil Association of Neuquén , they immediately responded to Kasanzew's questions and rejected the correspondent of the Malvinas war, who they recalled that "he is the intellectual author of the phrase “WE ARE WINNING” with which the dictatorship of Leopoldo Galtieri "He set up a story that was not only lying, but also perverse , to deceive the Argentine people about what was actually happening in that armed conflict."

The controversy was generated through the social network “Was it necessary that it be represented by a soldier without a rifle, with his head bowed, on his knees and in the attitude of handing over the flag, one of whose ends is dragging on the ground? Did no one think it was wrong to capture that image of submission? I asked that question to several in Neuquén. "I didn't get a response," Kasansew said in his account, adding that "as several have suggested, this situation would be resolved by putting a cross in front of the soldier. Yes, it could be interpreted that he is praying. On your knees, only before God."

Hours later, the Malvinas Soldiers Civil Association of Neuquén also responded through the social network: “From the land of Jorge Néstor Águila (First Soldier Fallen in Combat, along with Mario Almonacid, native of Comodoro Rivadavia) the association makes public its absolute and resounding REPUDION, to the expressions of Nicolás Kasanzew".

They criticized the actions of the current government official , a person who generates the rejection of the surviving conscripts of the war due to the connivance he maintained as a correspondent with the lies and deceptions of the dictatorship during the war conflict in the South Atlantic, in addition to the fact that during his His stay on the islands had privileges that he shared with the superiors of the Argentine military army , in contrast to the hardships of hunger, cold and torture that the conscript soldiers suffered.

“Today a national official (Director of the Malvinas War of the Senate) on this occasion, in the last few hours, attacked the brand new symbol of memory of the Malvinas war, which stands in the province of Neuquén, for reflecting, according to his particular perspective , an “IMAGE OF SUBMISSION” , pointed out the authorities of the board of directors of the ex-combatants of Neuquen.

They added that Kasansew has "absolute ignorance of fundamental issues that represent the feelings of the combatant soldiers, such as: love for our Land (Pachamama), and for the Homeland (the only one before which we surrender due to the immense pain of having lost the battle and the spilled blood of our brothers), which is why the soldier represented is bowing before her (not on his knees) and hands her our flag. He does not know that the earth is life, who can think of touching it. Is it defiling?"

The monument of the sculptor from Cutral Co, Aldo Beroisa , is located near provincial route 14 and Fortabat Access and is titled "Argentine Soldier" . You can see in the immense structure how an Argentine flag is placed on the ground by a combatant from the Malvinas War.


By Agenda Malvinas


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